Friday, September 9, 2011

Evily Amusing Reads

Of all the blogs I frequent, my favorite for quick and amusing reads is Evil Editor.  Evil Editor (or EE for short) provides critiques of query letters -- those partial summaries of a novel that are supposed to entice literary agents to want to read your book.  While a lot of EE's points are helpful to the writers, his critiques are intentionally hilarious. 

Many writers already know about his blog, but fans of fiction will enjoy it too, especially fans of fantasy fiction because most of the queries critiqued by EE fall somewhere in that genre.  As you would expect for fantasy, some of these story ideas are pretty far out there, which just gives EE more ammunition to work with.  On a recent plane ride from Chicago, I read about fifty of his critiques in a row and laughed almost the entire flight home.  (I'm sure the person next to me thought I had lost it!)  His post on werewolf popes still cracks me up, and his annotations on a magic painting for a story about two boys lost in the Middle Ages are priceless!  If you have a free moment, follow this link to his blog.  You won't regret it!

Falstaff would have loved Evil Editor!

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