Monday, January 27, 2014

Black Sails: a Stunning Prequel to Treasure Island

I’ve been looking forward to the early 18th Century pirate drama Black Sails for months now, and I was both surprised and excited to learn that it promises to be a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island!

If you’ve watched the first episode of Black Sails, you already know that the production values are top notch. In fact, this one looks to be Game of Thrones good! But on top of that, the writers chose to make the main character Captain Flint – the fictional captain whose treasure becomes the object of desire in Treasure Island – and they added in all the major pirates as well, including Billy Bones and Long John Silver, as a young man no less, who’s already gone a scheming! (You can read my review of Treasure Island here).
Captain Flint and Billy Bones of Treasure Island fame!
The writers also chose to tie in a rival band of buccaneers based on historical pirates, namely Charles Vane, a notorious English pirate who sailed a ship called the Ranger, and his infamous crew. And, on top that, they chose a plot focused on a Spanish treasure ship that reminds me a ton of Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes (you can read my review of that novel here). So, basically, Starz has put together a high-end series focused on the only two pirate novels I’ve ever read – and it promises to be amazing!


Bill said...

I just set my DVR record it, Joe. Episode 1 is still available.

Joseph Finley said...

Bill, I suspect you'll like it. It looks to be a great series!

Bill said...

I think the series is indeed off to a promising start. I will have to learn the numerous characters, but the plot line looks interesting.