Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Summer Reading List + a New Sale for Enoch’s Device!

Summer is coming! With Memorial Day weekend almost upon us, my daughter will soon be out of school and summer vacations are fast approaching, so this is the perfect time to make a summer reading list – and the perfect time to offer a summer reading list sale for Enoch’s Device!

But first my list. Between work and writing, if I can finish four novels before mid-August, my summer will be a smashing success. So here are the top 4 books on my summer reading list:

1.  A Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin
As I’ve mentioned many times before, I came late to George R.R. Martin’s epic series. I just finished A Feast For Crows, and I feel compelled to get through A Dance With Dragons since I can no longer tell when the HBO series is straying into these two books. The timeline in the series has departed quite a bit from the novels, but I still think the show is drawing on plot concepts from these last two books. The book is only 1,016 pages, so wish me luck!
2.  The Raven’s Banquet by Clifford Beal
This is the prequel to Gideon’s Angel, one of the best works of historical fantasy I read this past year. You can read my review of that book here, and I’m truly looking forward to the prequel.
3.  Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson
This is a series I’m really looking forward to since it’s set in Boston in 1765. I mostly read medieval fiction, so it will be nice to read something set in more recent times!
4.  The Temple of the Grail by Adriana Koulias
This is a religious thriller that I discovered on Goodreads because the site told me readers of Enoch’s Device also enjoyed this book. I hope that means it’s good!
And speaking of Enoch’s Device, the kindle version is now on sale in the US and UK for the next 7 days! Here’s a link to the book’s US Amazon page and UK page, followed by an image of the cover and a brief summary.
Nearly a thousand years after the birth of Christ, when all Europe fears that the world will soon end, an Irish monk, Brother Ciarán, discovers an ominous warning hidden in the illuminations of a religious tome. The cryptic prophecy speaks of Enoch’s device, an angelic weapon with the power to prevent the coming apocalypse.
Pursued by Frankish soldiers and supernatural forces, Ciarán and his freethinking mentor, Brother Dónall, journey to the heart of France in search of the device. There, they rescue the Lady Alais from a heretic-hunting bishop who insists mankind must suffer for its sins. Together the trio races across Europe to locate the device, which has left clues of its passage through history. But time is running out, and if they don’t find it soon, all that they love could perish at the End of Days.
Enoch’s Device is a fast-paced medieval adventure steeped in history, mythology, and mysteries from a dark and magical past.
Stephen Reynolds of SPR said “Enoch's Device is a wonderfully imagined, vividly described, alternately lyrical and violent romp of a novel that should give lovers of historical fantasy just the kind of fix they're looking for.”
And Marty Shaw of Reader Views wrote: “If you enjoy tales of magic and adventure that are perfectly blended with reality and history, ‘Enoch’s Device’ by Joseph Finley will be an exciting read for you.”
If you haven’t read Enoch’s Device, now is a great time to pick it up for a good summer read. And speaking of summer reads, if you have a list you’d like to share, post a comment and let us know!


Cate Peace said...

Haven't really thought much about a reading list, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea. Also shared the news about your sale!

Joseph Finley said...

Cate, thanks so much - that is hugely appreciated!