Friday, October 10, 2014

More Images From The Upcoming Sequel To “Enoch’s Device”

Earlier this year I wrote about how I’m using Pinterest to stockpile images of the places and people featured in my novel, Enoch’s Device, and its upcoming sequel. Ten months later, the sequel board has grown considerably. Here’s a link if you’d care to take a look.

Who is that man in black?
And speaking of the sequel, it’s coming along, though not as quickly as I’d hoped. Setting much of the novel in medieval Rome led to a ton of time-consuming research. By 998 A.D., Rome had more than a thousand years of significant history behind it, and nearly every place in the city has its own story. Also, the pope at the time, Gregory V, features prominently in the book, so I’ve had to brush up on my papal history. Then, of course, there has been the requisite research on obscure, ancient, and mystical texts that any sequel to Enoch’s Device must certainly involve.

Yes, there will be a sequel . . .
So fear not, the adventures of Ciarán and Alais will continue. My sincere hope is that the wait will be much shorter than that between George R.R. Martin novels. Maybe I’ll even beat out The Winds of Winter . . . but only time will tell!


Benjamin Thomas said...

Looking forward to the sequel! Keep up the good work on the blog as well.


Bill said...


Joseph Finley said...

Benjamin and Bill, thanks for the comments! I'm working on the sequel this morning, as a matter of fact.