Thursday, June 11, 2015

It’s the End of the Road on “Game of Thrones”

This Sunday’s episode may be the last time I watch HBO’s Game of Thrones and have any idea what might happen. The show is about to exhaust the core material in George R.R. Martin’s series through his fifth book, A Dance With Dragons. After that, we’re in uncharted waters. And for many of the storylines, we’re already there.

Jon's tale is unfolding just like the books . . .
The only two stories that look like they’ll wrap up the way they do in the books is that of Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister. Of course, given the way the show has deviated from the novels, I’m not even sure that will happen. But if I were a betting man, that’s where I’d put my money. In fact, since the show ignored her last week, Cersei’s story may even spill over into Season 6. Although I can still see the writers finishing her tale if they give her enough screen time on Sunday. Yet after that, we’re off the rails.

Who know what will happen to Sansa?

Sansa’s Tale

As I’ve written before, she never even goes to Winterfell in the books. While it’s clear the show’s writers have given her the role of poor Jayne Poole in the novels, I had surmised that Brienne and Pod might take on Mance Rayder’s role in the books and end this plotline in a similar fashion to A Dance With Dragons. But since last week’s episode ignored Winterfell, I don’t think they have enough screen time to simulate what happens in the books. So either Sansa’s story will continue into next season, or we are in for a surprise on Sunday.

I like the twist in Arya's tale!

Arya’s Tale

Arya’s tale was basically unfolding like it does in the books – that is, until Mace Tyrell shows up, who is on Arya’s hit list. To me, this was a big – and welcome – twist. I don’t have any idea what might happen, but I’m itching to find out.

Stannis is damned.

Stannis’ Tale

Last episode’s murder of young princess Shireen has half the internet in an uproar. Needless to say, Stannis doesn’t sacrifice his daughter in the books. In fact, she’s not even with him on his campaign to Winterfell, and neither is Melisandre. Stannis was never a good man, but now, on the show, I feel he’s damned. A Dance With Dragons leaves Stannis fate up in the air – we’re told what happens to him, but from an unreliable source. Maybe the show will reveal what really befalls Stannis, and I suspect it won’t be good.

The Dorne storyline was not what I expected.

Jaime’s Tale

In the show, the entire Dorne storyline has been nothing like the books. I had predicted that Jaime would play the role of Ser Ayres Oakheart and fall for one of the Sand Snakes, but it looks like I was dead wrong. So far, really nothing has happened in Dorne, but the scenes set in Seville looked amazing!

I think I know what happens to her, but what about Tyrion?

Tyrion’s Tale (And Dany’s Too)

Daenerys’ escape from the arena is basically faithful to the books. A Dance With Dragons contains a few chapters that describe what happens to Dany after she flies off with Drogon, and I suspect we’ll see a bit of that next Sunday. But beyond that, who knows? In the books, a lot happens in Meereen after Daenerys leaves, yet it all involves Ser Barristan, who has already been offed. The book’s storyline also involves Daenerys’ husband, Hizadhar, but he’s dead too. Novel-Tyrion never even makes it inside Meereen. So I have no idea what will happen to him on Sunday.

But everyone better get used to it. For now on, we’ll no longer have the books to guide us. We’re on our own in Game of Thrones.

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Bill said...

I am late commenting on this since I just now watched.

I thought the Whitewalkers attack on Hardhome was the of the line, but the arena battle with the dragon beat it hands down. Wow!

I agree with you about Stannis. He's got to come to a horrible end along with that evil sorceress.

Joseph Finley said...

Bill, the arena battle with Drogon was great. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the season finale!

Bill said...

I almost hate to watch it, Joe, that being the season ending. But, at least then I can read your analysis!