Friday, August 21, 2015

“Inferno” The Movie?

It looks like Inferno might be coming to the big screen. I don’t mean the film version of Dan Brown’s latest novel starring Tom Hanks. But Dante’s Inferno. Yep, you can’t make that up.

I learned about it yesterday in an article on io9 titled “Get Ready, Sinners: Warner Bros. Is Making Dante’s Inferno Into a Movie.” Here are some excerpts.
Instead of following in the steps of a Noah or Exodus, Warner Bros. is going a different route for its next loosely-based-on-the-Bible story. This time, it’s going to be loosely based on a book loosely based on the Bible. A yes, Dante. The original self-insert Bible fanfiction writer. . . . 
Apparently, Warner Bros. is excited by the “franchise potential” of the project. Which is endlessly hilarious to me because Purgatorio and Paradiso are so much more boring than Inferno. There’s a reason most people can only tell you things about one-third of the Divine Comedy. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to Paradiso being split into two movies to capitalize on the franchise, Twilight-style.
You can read the full article here. While I too wonder if the Divine Comedy has “franchise potential,” I could see an Inferno movie working with the right plot. For one, it’s a special effects artist’s dream. I’d love to see Charon, Cerberus, and Geryon brought to life, not to mention a climax set on the frozen lake of Cocytus! And with the right actress cast as Beatrice? It could be a love story, like Titanic – except, of course, set in Hell.

But those are just my quick thoughts. What do you think about Inferno the movie?

PS, if you were pining for Dan Brown's Inferno, the movie is planned for release in October of 2016.



Actually, Joseph, I can see the ROMANTIC potential
of such a story... I'm sure that anyone of us would
venture into dangerous territory, in order to RESCUE
someone we love!

Thanks for this post; it led me to the art work of
GUSTAVE DORE, whom I had never heard of.


Actually, there is a 10th CIRCLE of HELL...
Reserved for screenwriters - even GOOD ones:

Within it, writers with WHITE hot iron pens are
condemned to REWRITE, in fresh lava, scripts
that they've already PERFECTED... Executives
never seem satisfied, and keep saying,

"That's great, but - we've decided to go in
another DIRECTION!"

Joseph Finley said...

I see the potential in it too. Hopefully the executives won't screw it up.