Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where Things Stand on Season 3 of “Black Sails”

With just two episodes left in the third season of Black Sails, I thought I’d revisit the predictions I made after the season’s premiere. 

The legend has been born!
I was right about a few things. The seeds of Treasure Island are indeed beginning to grow and Silver has begun his transformation into the Long John Silver of literary legend. The best example of that was his murder of Mr. Dufrense and his admonition to the traitors of Nassau:
“Tomorrow you will join us, or you will all be looking over your shoulders the rest of your lives. My name is John Silver and I’ve got a long f*king memory!”
If you’ve read Treasure Island, you also may suspect, as do I, that Silver and Madi are about to become more than just allies. Robert Louis Stephen wrote that Silver was married to a woman of African descent, and if the show is about to make this a reality, I love the way the writers have approached it. In fact, the plotline involving Mr. Scott and his family has been one of the best surprises in Season 3.

The struggles seem to have changed Flint.
Flint, on the other hand, has not descended to the dark place that I expected. He was well on his way, but then the crew’s dire fate after the storm and their subsequent captivity seemed to break him. Now we’re back to the noble Flint trying to save the pirates of Nassau. Don’t get me wrong, he still wants the British to burn, but he’s taken responsibility for his men and those of Scott’s wife as he wages his war.

How will Eleanor react when she sees Charles Vane?
It was with Eleanor Guthrie, however, where I whiffed the most. I had speculated that she might try to betray Woodes Rogers at some point, joining forces with Max and Rackham when back in Nassau. In truth, it appears, Eleanor concluded that Rogers was her best choice. Perhaps she seduced him, but I tend to think she actually fell in love. But all of that may be about to change now that her ex-lover Charles Vane is sitting in Nassau’s dungeon. Eleanor may have wished revenge upon Vane for murdering her father, but she’s never gotten over her first love. As she told a badly beaten Rogers at the end of last episode:
“I know you know. I’m devoted to you now. I love you now, so I will tell you the absolute truth about how I’m going to react when faced with that thing sitting in that cell in your fort. . . . I honestly don’t know.”
I can’t wait to see which path Eleanor will choose – though I feel like it may be Vane. But if there’s one thing Season 3 has taught me, it’s that few things go as they are planned!

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