Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Saint Patrick’s Day Sale for Enoch’s Device!

“God didn't love that man enough to make him Irish, lad.” – Brother Donall mac Taidg in Enoch’s Device.
Irish monks drinking to Enoch's Device!
As in prior year’s the Kindle version of Enoch’s Device is going on sale through March 16th in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day! Also, following the cover image is a new product description I’m considering for the novel. If you have an opinion about it (good or bad), I’d appreciate it if you could leave a comment! 

Ireland, AD 998. Brother Ciarán is an apprentice to Dónall mac Taidg, a stern but brilliant monk renowned for his scholarship years ago in France. When a Frankish bishop arrives at the monastery to accuse Dónall of heresy, Ciarán is determined to prove his friend’s innocence. But as he delves into his mentor’s past, he learns that Dónall stole a forbidden tome—one containing a secret as old as the origin of evil itself.

Ciarán and Dónall flee to France, for the bishop knows the secret too and is willing to kill for it. At Paris, Ciarán discovers a hidden reference in the tome to the lost Book of Enoch, an ancient scripture about the Nephilim, the descendants of fallen angels. The tome also speaks of Enoch’s device, a cryptic weapon that can defeat the Nephilim, whose clandestine war against God and mankind could bring about the events foretold in the book of Revelation.

Pursued by the bishop’s men, Ciarán and Dónall rescue the Lady Alais, a beautiful widow accused of witchcraft because she holds a key to the mystery. Together, the trio must find Enoch’s device, which has left clues of its passage through history, from the time of Solomon to the reign of King Arthur and the paladins of Charlemagne. But time is running out, and if they don’t find the device soon, all that they love could perish with the End of Days.
Here are excerpts from the book’s reviews:
Author Cate Peace of Indie Books R Us called Enoch's Device “a refreshing twist on the religious thriller, and one that will have you turning pages from cover to cover as fast as you can.” You can read her full review here.
In other reviews, Stephen Reynolds of SPR called Enoch's Device “a wonderfully imagined, vividly described, alternately lyrical and violent romp of a novel that should give lovers of historical fantasy just the kind of fix they're looking for.”
And Marty Shaw of Blog Critics wrote: “If you enjoy tales of magic and adventure that are perfectly blended with reality and history, ‘Enoch’s Device’ by Joseph Finley will be an exciting read for you.”
I gave an interview to Ms. Peace, where I revealed a bit more about the upcoming sequel – you can read it here. Also, you can read more about Enochthe Fae, and the Paladins of Charlemagne in my interview that appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer here

And, thanks to a new feature that Amazon is offering, you can read a free preview here.

If you read the novel and enjoyed it, now is a perfect time to tell a friend!

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