Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Official Dog of Fresh-scraped Vellum

Writing can be a lonely job, but I no longer lack companionship in this endeavor.

Earlier this week, the official six-year-old daughter of Fresh-scraped Vellum decided she really, really needed a dog before school started for the fall.  This was actually something she had been lobbying for the entire summer; she even created a song, "I want a puppy, no matter what-y!"  So on Monday, while at work, I'm informed we have a new dog.  Not that I get a vote; no, we have a new dog.  She came from the Humane Society, where they named her "Lil," short for "Little" because she's undersized.  My daughter decided to put a "y" on the end, so the dog's name became "Lily."  And that's how I came to have an 8 pound Jack Russell Terrier mix in my office every morning as I write. 

And I could not be happier.

Lily, the Official Dog of Fresh-scraped Vellum


bandel said...

Cute Dog

Anne Marsden said...

Great addition - just don't let her eat any of your fresh-scraped vellum!