Monday, December 3, 2012

The Wayward Herald: A Great Blog Says Farewell

The Wayward Herald looks forward to the post-NaNoWriMo month of December and revival within the blogosphere on the topics of writing, publishing, and, or course, historical and fantasy fiction. But the end of November 2012 also marks the end to one of the great fantasy book review blog sites around: Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review.

Sailing to New Horizons
This was one of the first sites I joined upon starting my own blog, which periodically reviews fantasy fiction. Graeme Flory, however, was a prolific reviewer whose insightful commentary brought my attention to more than a few novels that I’ve truly enjoyed.

Graeme is moving on to new horizons, and I wish him well. Everyone needs a change some time, and as a blogger who tries to create insightful content at a weekly pace – albeit a pace much more slothful than Mr. Flory – I totally understand.

Good luck Graeme, and thanks for many years of great blogging!

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