Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Monkish Humor

After a lot of book reviews, I’m aiming for some light-hearted fresh-scraped vellum humor for this week, thanks to the folks at Horrible Histories (and YouTube, of course - you can watch it here too).

Incidentally, in the Middle Ages vellum was made from calfskin, and parchment was made from sheepskin. I even included a mildly amusing exchange about this in Enoch’s Device when Ciarán and Dónall are with the eunuch Talid in the Great Library of Córdoba:
“I don’t smell any vellum,” Ciarán observed, noticing only the fragrance of sandalwood.
“Of course not. We use paper.”
“I suppose they don’t have it in your infidel homeland,” Talid said. “It’s made from wood instead of calfskin. It’s cleaner and far smoother to write on. And it makes our calves much happier than in your part of the world.”
Hope you enjoy the videos, and let me know if you have a favorite clip from the folks at Horrible Histories!


Lisa Shafer said...

I had no idea there were videos called Horrible Histories. I have TONS of Terry Deary's books with that series title, however.

L. Marrick said...

I love HH monk skits! The monk sign language one is one of my favorites. Ever seen the "We Sell Any Monk" Viking song?

Hazel West said...

Ach! I love Horrible Histories, don't ask me for my favorite. I don't think I could narrow it down that far, They are all good.

Joseph Finley said...

Lisa - I didn't know they existed either, until one of my favorite bloggers turned me onto them.

Joseph Finley said...

Speaking of, Leslie, I wouldn't have known these even existed but for you :) I'll be looking up "We Sell Any Monk" momentarily!

Joseph Finley said...

Hazel - thanks for the comment! I can't say I have a favorite at this point either.