Friday, February 12, 2016

HBO Releases Photos from Season 6 of "Game of Thrones"

I've had little time to write this week, but I wanted to mention that HBO has released photos from Season 6 of Game of Thrones. There's none of Jon Snow – though I'm fairly certain we'll see him soon (you can read why here). Anyway, here are my three favorite pics, along with what they might mean for the show:

I suspect this is Jaime trying to explain the death of their daughter Myrcella to Cersei. Good luck with that! This is one of the areas where Game of Thrones has deviated from the books, so I have no idea how this will play out. But knowing Cersei, she's about to start a full-fledged war with Dorne.

Finally we get to see Yara Greyjoy again! (She's known as Asha in the books.) Might this mean we'll finally see a Kingsmoot? The Ironborn have a huge storyline in A Feast for Crows that was completely ignored in Season 5. I suspect in Season 6 we might finally see those scenes.

This one makes me the happiest. For one, Bran's back after a season-long absence. But more importantly, Max von Sydow will appear as the Three-Eyed-Raven, the Greenseer that Bran encounters in the cave beyond the Wall. What George R.R. Martin subtly revealed in A Dance With Dragons, however, is that the three-eyed raven is actually one of the most notorious sorcerers in the history of the Seven Kingdoms.
"How many eyes does Lord Bloodraven have? A thousand eyes, and one." 
Bryden Rivers, known as Lord Bloodraven, appears prominently at the end of A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. He is one of the more interesting characters in the history of A Song of Ice and Fire, so I'm glad he appears to be coming back to life in Season 6.

You can see the rest here at April is going to be fun! 


Bill said...

Really interesting, Joe. Thanks!

I guess we who have read the entire book series can pretty much forget what we "know" from the books as we watch the deviating TV series. I can live with that.

Joseph Finley said...

Me too, but I suspect the Ironborn storyline and the one involving Sam and Gilly will track the books, more or less.

Merry Rose said...

Jon Snow is dead