Tuesday, August 30, 2016


I’ve been off the blog for twelve whole days. I’ve never been away for that long, and here’s why, I suppose . . .

No, I haven't been sailing near the Rock of Gibraltar . . . 
For one, I’ve realized I tend to blog more these days about historical or fantasy related television shows like Game of Thrones and Black Sails. But, alas, we remain in a desolate TV wasteland right now. I don’t mean all current TV is bad. I just finished watching The Night Of on HBO, and loved it. But it’s not the right genre for this blog. I also write book reviews, but I’m in the middle of a book right now, and it will be a week or so before I finish. (It’s Dead Man’s Reach by D.B. Jackson, and so far it’s damn good.)

But the #1 reason I’ve been away is that in my free time I’m dealing with this:

Not the wine, I finished that. Rather, that’s the 154,000 word (*cough*) sequel to Enoch’s Device that I’ve started editing. I swear on all that is good and right in the world, the final product will be shorter. Let’s just say, I’m killing a lot of my “little darlings” before this gets to my editor. Dealing with this beast is turning out to be a formidable task, but also a fun one. I like the way the story ended up, and the revised version should be even better.

I will try to blog more regularly. But if I don’t, it likely means I’m trapped within that giant stack of pages, trying to make the story sing. Wish me luck.

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